Cheers! You've found an exciting, easy and affordable way to make your customers happy while capitalizing on the explosive CBD market. Our Master Processor works side-by-side with you to develop a custom CBD blend for your existing products or menu items.

Whether you're a bakery that wants to add a new twist on your best selling cupcake, a coffee shop that wants to infuse your house blend with an extra dose of pick-me-up, a brewery that wants to pair your most popular ale with CBD or a bar looking to jazz up the perfect old fashioned...WE HAVE YOU COVERED.

As you can see through our flagship products, Great Lakes Cannabis Co. takes great pride in our ability to pair the natural terpene (flavor) profiles of each cannabis strain with complementary carrier oils, flavors and concentrations. There are thousands of potential flavor combinations and we are excited to work closely with you in creating them. 

We'll listen first, assemble the right "ingredients" and then work together through the R&D process to make sure you are more than satisfied with the result. 

Matching the natural terpene (flavor) profiles of cannabis plants with complementary flavors make for endless therapeutic and culinary possibilities.The choices are yours!

Let us serve you while you serve them. Connect with us and we'll schedule an introductory conversation to learn more about your needs.